Red Dragon Bushcraft offers courses and bespoke tuition in Bushcraft, Primitive Living Skills and Survival Techniques. Customers are guaranteed a bespoke service tailored to meet their specific requirements.



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Course Policy & Aims

Our courses are aimed at providing the client with an introduction to some of the skills of bushcrafting. The skills are shown as information only and it is up to the individual to balance our methods with others available through different sources.

Most courses necessitate the use of sharp bladed tools and the creation of fire. Customers are asked to adhere to safety precautions, failure to do so may result in the customers being told to leave the session immediately with a forfeit of their fee. No responsibility will be accepted for dangerous actions on behalf of the client. Younger attendees may need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. Attendees over the age of 18 may bring along their own cutting tools, but please ask before using them.

On no account will alcohol or drugs be tolerated on any course, the risk of injury is too great. If substance abuse is suspected, the instructor is duty-bound to report the incident to the local police.


Statements & Policies

Red Dragon Bushcraft Environmental Statement.

At Red Dragon Bushcraft we fully accept that our activities have in the past and will continue in the future to have, some small effect on any environment we use – however, we have tried and we promise to keep any future impact to a minimum. Our aim is to use these activities to promote a wider and deeper understanding of environmental issues for all of our clients and visitors.

We monitor and manage our environmental impact and try to ensure that the continued consequence of our impact improves and that we endevour to produce less pollution and waste.

We promise to comply with local, regional and national laws, standards and codes of practice and where possible we aim to surpass these standards to levels of excellence in environmental responsibility.

We endeavour to be seen as leaders in environmental awareness and responsibility, based upon our outlook, activities and historical record.

It is the intention of Red Dragon Bushcraft:-

In the area of Environmental Management, to:-

1. Ensure compliance with any environmental legislation relevant to the areas we use.

2. Review and update our policy on a regular basis.

3. Keep our environmental impact to its lowest possible level.

In the field of Environmental Awareness, to:-

1. Educate our customers, clients, visitors, staff and suppliers, suggesting possible actions to achieve a more sustainable standard.

2. Research new ways of improving our performance and monitoring our impact.

Our Transport Policy,

We accept that our vehicles may not be the most environmentally sound, and that moving large amounts of equipment will have a negative effect, however, we promise that we will:-

1. Drive those vehicles in the most environmentally sustainable manner.

2. Repay our carbon debt in a variety of ways.

3. Invest in new transport modes when practicable.

We further promise to:

Endeavour to reduce the impact of customer transport movements by suggesting public transport and lift sharing or other ethically sound methods wherever possible.

Biodiversity Statement,

1. We aim to protect all wildlife and natural habitats on sites used for Bushcraft activities through site rotation and good management practise.

2. Where applicable, promote and protect any local and national endangered species.

3. Through effective Bushcraft teaching and techniques, control and manage any pests, invasive species or unwelcome visitors.

Where possible we aim to leave any site cleaner than when we arrived. If this is not practical, we will report fly-tipping issues to the local council refuse department.


Where practicable, we use suppliers that have sound environmental policies and ethical codes of practice.

Furthermore, we are happy to receive suggestions as to how we might improve our environmental standard, however we cannot promise to implement any changes immediately.


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